The world's largest WiFi network

What is Fon?

What is Fon? Share a little WiFi and
roam the world for free.

Fon is the world’s first global WiFi network built by people like you. We think of it as crowdsourced WiFi.

As a member of the Fon community, you agree to share a little bit of your WiFi at home, and get free roaming at Fon Spots worldwide in return. Sharing WiFi with Fon is safe and secure, and you won’t even notice when others are connected because Fon only uses a tiny portion of your bandwidth.

Fon has over five million Fon Spots across the globe. Imagine enjoying videos, movies and games at WiFi speeds while you're away from home - for free!

Get Fon with BT

As a BT broadband customer, you get automatic membership to the Fon network. It’s the easiest way to get free access to Fon hotspots throughout the UK and across the world.

WiFi everywhere

Fon users want to blanket the world with free WiFi. There are over five million Fon Spots worldwide and that’s just the beginning. Every day Fon members get access to more Fon Spots in our growing WiFi network. From a park bench in New York, to a bus stop in London, to an apartment in Tokyo. You name it - getting free WiFi is just plain easier with Fon.

How Fon works

Fon works by putting the unused portion of your broadband to work for you. Fonera routers make this possible by broadcasting two powerful, dedicated WiFi signals. One signal is encrypted and private - it’s just for you. The other signal is public, and accessible to registered members of the Fon community. And, because you only share a little bit of your WiFi, you won't even notice when others are connected.

Millions of members

Today Fon has over five million members who have agreed to safely share some of their unused broadband connection in exchange for a whole lot of free access to WiFi at Fon Spots worldwide. Becoming a member of Fon is easy, since anyone with access to a broadband connection can join.